Limoss Battery Pack Recall

limoss-US Announces Recall from 2011 and 2012 AKKU-PACK

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If you have a battery pack that was produced in or before July 2012 a recall has been executed.

Products Affected

AKKU-PACK battery pack with a manufacture date from 2011-2012


When not charged for long periods of time the cells in the AKKU-PACK become unstable.

How to Identify

You will need identify which label type is on your battery pack (see images below).

  • Type A: You will identify the recall battery by the date code as seen in figure A.
  • Type B: The label type in figure B includes the manufacture date in the serial number. The first four digits are the manufacture date in a YYMM format. The serial number in figure B shows a serial number starting with 1501 (15 is the year 2015 and 01 is the month, January). See figure B
akku-pack label limoss-AkkuPackPower-SerialNov2
Figure A Figure B


Consumers should stop using the AKKU-PACK immediately and contact limoss-us for a replacement.

Replacement Process

  • After the battery has been proven defective by the date code, a new battery pack will be sent to your address free of charge.
  • After you receive the new battery pack there will be a USPS return label and no fly stick in the box.
  • You are to place the defected battery pack in the box in the between the current bubble wrap.
  • Place both labels on the box and ship back to limoss-US via United States Postal Service at no cost to you.

How to Initiate Replacement

To receive your recall or for info about the recall contact limoss with one of the following contact methods.

Monday through Friday
7:00am to 3:30 pm. CT

Recall expiration

March 18 2016

This recall is being conducted in conjunction with the
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission